How to find students for your drawing classes?

How to find students for your drawing classes?

Once you have decided everything related to your drawing / painting teacher services, the next stage is advertising.

You will have to show off your talents and offer your services, with all humility, of course.

  • How to make yourself known as a professional in the visual arts?
  • ¿ How to find students who want to learn to draw or paint?
  • How to make fans want to go to your Madrid painting / drawing classes ?

To start, be yourself!

Often times, we get hooked on a drawing teacher because of his personality and sympathy. Nobody feels like following a grumpy and obnoxious drawing teacher, right?

Teach what you do in the field of visual arts. You can organize open days to show your artistic skills, explain how you manage drawing classes, if you lend or make the painting material available, etc.

Your future students should quickly discover your way of working, your prices, drawing class formulas and the proposed activities (charcoal, collage, pastel, India ink, etc.).

Teach your students to paint and draw.
Transmit your creativity to your students.

If you do not want to prepare for the entrance exams to the Faculty of Fine Arts, mention it. On the contrary, if you yourself are following an artistic training, you are the first interested in highlighting it to seduce your students who want to achieve the same goal.

Pamphlets, business cards, and announcements are advertising tools to think about to recruit new students . Propose your drawing and painting classes, mention the subjects, the days, if you travel or not, and you can also give an idea of ​​the prices.

For its dissemination, think about cultural spaces:

  • like the neighborhood cinemas,
  • the media libraries,
  • The libraries,
  • shop windows.

Although most people find their teacher online, some still prioritize life-long methods.

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