How to modify the format of a photograph?

How to modify the format of a photograph?

Editing programs.
Easy to use, a photo editing software can quickly change the format of the latter. Discover our tutorials!

What do we refer to with the format of a photo? The format is what will define our image: Gif, JPEG, pdf, Xnview, png, raw … all these abbreviations are actually the extension, defined by the format itself. A fundamental pillar of photo editing.

Therefore, a format can be more or less heavy, more or less compatible with the platforms , which will make it more or less difficult when it comes to sending emails, uploading a slideshow, or doing post-processing.

Although each extension corresponds to a particular photo format , not everything is fixed and it is possible to convert an image into another format to give it another use. To do this, there are some basic techniques that we will show you below.

In Windows , just click “edit” on the digital photo (or not) you want to transform. Click on the small icon to the left of “start”, save it to choose the desired format (this is the crucial step!) And voila. Sucked bread, right?

On Mac , image editing is also very easy. Select an image, right-click and choose “export selected images.” At that moment it will ask you what format you want to export. You choose.

Beyond the basic features provided by computers, there are also some online tools that can be of great use. We will not mention the large number of web pages that appear when we type “image converter” or “change photo format.”

However, Gimp, the famous editing software inspired by Adobe Photoshop, but in a free version, also offers many services. In addition to correcting red-eye, contrast, black-and-white, or cropping, this free, easy-to-use software lets you change the format of a photo with just a few clicks.

By opening the file in question and clicking “export” once again, you will have many options for converting your photo, plus the versatility of intuitive software ! How to modify the format of a photograph?

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