How to send WhatsApp voice notes from PC

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How to send WhatsApp voice notes from PC

We are going to explain how to send WhatsApp voice notes from your PC , something for which you can use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop . Both tools are exactly the same and work in the same way, but you enter one through the browser and the other can be downloaded directly to Windows or macOS as a separate application.

We are going to explain the process to you through WhatsApp Desktop, but as we have told you before, you can do exactly the same from WhatsAppWeb . Both the process to link your mobile account in WhatsApp Web and to send voice notes are exactly the same as in WhatsApp Desktop. In both cases, as you will understand, you need to have a WhatsApp account activated on your mobile to be able to link it to the browser or desktop app.

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Audio notes to WhatsApp from PC

The first thing you have to do is download the WhatsApp desktop application . For this you have two options, download it for Windows or macOS from the WhatsApp Desktop website , or download the Windows 10 app from the Microsoft Store . If you don’t want to install anything, remember that you can also go to the website to log in from the web client.

Both in the desktop application and in the web version, when you enter for the first time a QR code will appear to link them with the WhatsApp app on your mobile . This means that now it is time to open the mobile in which you have started your WhatsApp session.


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Once you open your mobile, you have to access the WhatsApp Web option of the app. On Android, you have to click on the menu button with the three-dot icon at the top right and choose the WhatsApp Web option . On iOS, the option is within the settings.

When you enter the WhatsApp section of the mobile, a list will appear with the sessions started in the web client or the desktop app. To add the new session, click on the Scan QR code option to open the WhatsApp camera. If you have no other sessions started, you will automatically go to this mode. A camera will open where you have to point to the QR of the desktop application .

Once you have logged into WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp Web, you will see that on the left you have a column with your conversations and on the right the content of the chosen conversation. Click on the chat where you want to send an audio message, and once inside, click on the microphone icon that you have to the right of the bar where you write your messages.

It is possible that the first time you do this, at least in the web version, you will be asked for permission to access the computer’s microphone, and you will have to give it to them. For the rest, when you click on the microphone icon, WhatsApp will begin to record what you say through the microphone of your PC . You will see that there are two options when you do it. Click on the green button ✓ to confirm to finish recording the message and send it, or press the red button with the x to cancel it.


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And that’s it, when you press the green button ✓ to confirm, what you have recorded so far will be sent through the PC microphone. You will have sent a voice note from your computer without worrying about holding down the button with your finger as on your mobile, and with complete peace of mind.


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