How to write a cover letter for an internship?

How to write a cover letter for an internship?

To convince recruiters to arrange a job interview, you have to submit a good application. But then how do you write a compelling cover letter ?

The cover letter for an internship should have several paragraphs without  exceeding a single page.  It must be concise and clear. Above all, do not write sentences that say nothing; each sentence must contain an idea.

How to write a cover letter for an internship
The application must show your desire to work in that company and not in another.

Start by saying that you want to do an internship  specifying your study plan and your educational institution. Also specify the duration of your internship and, therefore, the remuneration you hope to obtain (or not). Do not forget to inform the recruiters if you have graduated or not, since some students can do the internship in the summer, after the end of the studies.

The next paragraph should  inform the company of the reasons why you have decided to respond to their offer or submit a request on your own.  Therefore, you need to explain the tasks you hope to accomplish. Explain if it is an internship to discover the professions of a specific sector or if you want to improve in a certain field.

Also explain  the skills you have and what you could contribute to the company.

Finally, you must make it clear that you are available for a possible future interview and do not forget the courtesy formulas.

Respect the design and show that you are motivated. Therefore, it is best to avoid formulas such as “I must find a practice …”. Although the internship is mandatory, the recruiter must feel that it is a choice.

Finally, go over your letter and  eliminate all spelling mistakes.  These tips will not only help you find an internship, but also a first job. How to write a cover letter for an internship?

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