Is my childhood career dream still relevant?

Is my childhood career dream still relevant?

We all had dreams when we were little, a wish: to become a firefighter, an astronaut or a policeman, for example.

According to a recent study, 23% of college students follow the ambitions they had as children. When choosing your studies, it is convenient to know if you are close or far from this dream, and if you are close, you can follow that path.

Fulfill professional dream
Study to work on what you wanted to be as a child, if you still want to.

This is probably the first question you should ask yourself. So a very simple tip: do it! And don’t worry if it’s negative; it’s totally normal.

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What is my level before starting higher studies?: Is my childhood career dream still relevant?

Self-criticism is a great test of maturity. You have to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This will make sure you do not make mistakes when choosing your studies.

Asking yourself about your academic level is important. Those of letters and those of sciences are usually separated. What do you do best? If you’re not good at science, don’t insist. For example, do not start studying medicine if your results in biology, mathematics and physics are insufficient.

Make the right choice
Whatever you choose, you must be sure of yourself to choose your path well.

If your level is more or less the same in all subjects, do not close doors. But in the same way, you must also take into account your average grade to study the studies that you like and that your cut-off mark allows you. Be logical and realistic. Is my childhood career dream still relevant?

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