What is the path of a pedagogical counselor?

What is the path of a pedagogical counselor?

Whether you consult an educational counselor face-to-face or online, this professional will have had to train before they get to work.

As the name suggests, a psychopedagogue educational counselor has completed at least some studies in psychology and two years of experience in the profession.

Future counselors must then take a competitive examination, the minimum requirements of which are:

  • Be spanish
  • Be between 16 and 65 years old
  • Not be disqualified from holding public office
  • Have the required qualification: knowledge of psychology (and / or pedagogy).

In addition to observing, guiding and advising, the online educational counselor must be persistent to enter the labor market of his profession and be able to obtain a permanent position in an information and guidance center or as an advisor in educational centers.

Anna is an educational counselor and her work can take different forms:

«I have the mission of being an educational counselor when I organize the information in class or when I answer very precise questions from young people about their educational orientation issues.

I am a technical advisor to the teaching staff and principal in answering their questions or helping them build guidance projects. Therefore, I have to participate in visits to institutions or fairs, I organize work presentations, projects on gender stereotypes, etc.

Finally, I am also psychological, that is, I accompany students with difficulties when carrying out their projects ».

What career path you are looking for.
A psychologist counselor will be your compass in the world of counseling.

Definitions: «online educational counselor» : What is the path of a pedagogical counselor?

An online counselor can be a great option if you don’t know which path to take, whether it’s from an academic or work point of view.

What is Emagister ?

It is a platform that will guide you at school, work and professional level to guide you in your career.

What does “reorient” mean?

Reorienting oneself in studies means changing direction and finding a path that best corresponds to the professional skills and career goals of each person. What is the path of a pedagogical counselor?

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