The best blogs to learn Spanish

The best blogs to learn Spanish

Learn spanish
Learn Spanish from your mobile thanks to these Spanish Language and ELE blogs.

Superprof has selected some blogs dedicated to learning the Spanish language for both natives and foreigners to help you progress. So if you want to brush up on grammar, syntax, or vocabulary, keep reading!

Blogs to improve in Spanish Language: The best blogs to learn Spanish

  • On the edge of the language : Learning projects, reading club, creative writing, oral expression, ICT tools …
  • Needle to dizzy : promotion of reading, writing and the use of ICT tools in class, with applications and exercises related to the Language.
  • Classroom project : with new weekly content, there are a multitude of very disparate resources and an extensive content library (texts, exercises, etc.) to print and use in class.
  • Language re (passage) : the teachers of this subject can find resources, proposals and experiences for their classes, as well as links to recommended blogs.
  • My Language class : exercises, audiovisual materials, teaching units, links to related websites and audios on some literary works.
  • Language Materials : materials aimed at students in 4th ESO and 2nd Baccalaureate: exercises related to accentuation, verbal complements, antonyms or impersonal sentences.
  • At the foot of the classroom : exercises and activities to apply in Language and Literature classes, linguistics events, book reviews and exhaustive analyzes.
  • LEU (blog of Spanish and Universal Literature): useful above all for its theoretical notes on the different periods and literary currents.
  • Cyber ​​notebook : blog for ESO in which we can find a large number of didactic units that cover practically the entire curriculum with tasks and abundant materials.
  • The enigma of letters : 4th year ESO classroom blog with activities through an innovative and participatory methodology. There are also links to other websites and tools necessary in the language arts classroom: dictionaries, virtual libraries, games, etc.

Blogs to learn Spanish as a foreign language

  • DeEle . Didactic resources, practical experiences, theoretical articles, presentations prepared for different didactic conferences and other important news for the ELE teacher.
  • Of love and pedagogy . Blog that has original activities, texts and videos to work on in ELE classes.
  • Cinenclase . The purpose of Cinenclase is to teach and learn Spanish through cinema, as well as to progress in digital, intercultural and cinematographic competence.
  • Intercultural notebook . This blog offers us materials to work on intercultural education in class.
  • Miguel Ángel García Guerra’s blog . Education and new technologies. Interesting for the criticism and reviews of literary works.
  • Daniel Varo’s blog . Reflections on the ELE. Content related to forums, training, ICT and social networks, as well as thoughts and reflections of the author.
  • Educ @ conTIC . Blog dedicated to the use of ICT and new technologies in the classroom as a teaching resource in which around 20 teachers collaborate.
  • Ele and… olé! Professor Estela Díaz’s blog with very varied proposals for activities to study ELE.
  • Spanish for immigrants and refugees . Blog of resources for teaching Spanish to immigrants and refugees.
  • Thebubble . Elena Collado Hurtado’s blog in which she proposes a whole series of topics to be discussed in the ELE classroom, structured in three sections: Spanish for children, general Spanish and Spanish for business.
  • Ñ. Spanish blog . Professor Álvaro Graña’s blog where you will have access to multiple materials, ideas and resources for ELE.
  • DELE exam model . It is a space for all those interested in preparing for the DELE exam. The best blogs to learn Spanish

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