Learn to dance in Seville

Learn to dance in Seville

Thanks to its culture, so particular, its education and the good character of its inhabitants, Seville has ended up becoming a perfect metropolis for all those who want to learn to dance, especially if you are interested in flamenco.

In the southern capital you can find one of the most dynamic studios with a stellar future in all of Spain: On Dance Studios. Who has not wanted to participate in UPA Dance and be with Miguel Ángel Muñoz? Wouldn’t you like to learn to dance within the modern culture that surrounds us and be part of an incredible team of dancers? Well, there they await you, with a wide offer, adapted to your needs and an unbeatable price.

Learn to dance in Seville.
Learn to dance under the Sevillian sun.

However, there are also many other options to start dancing in Seville. In fact, it is committed that the smallest of the house start from a very young age to move their hips to the sound of the music.

Here are some dance venues in Seville :

  • Professional Conservatory of Dance of Seville «Antonio Ruiz Soler»
  • Double Twist dance school
  • On Dance Studios
  • Heartbeats School of Music and Dance
  • Sevilla Dance Center
  • Teresa Guerrero Dance School
  • Clamor Dance Academy

And don’t forget that many of these academies and schools also offer you physical preparation classes to rise to the dance challenge that awaits you. Sign up!Learn to dance in Seville

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