Master in Physiology, Physiotherapy and Sports Psychology

Master in Physiology, Physiotherapy and Sports Psychology


Today’s society is increasingly aware of the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits, both physical and mental. The Master in Sports Physiology, Physiotherapy and Psychology will give you the necessary tools to become a professional within the field of sports physiotherapy, training you in areas such as the prevention of sports injuries or their treatment.

This Master is accredited by UCAM.

With  telepresence classes  and more than 100 hours of videos, PDF summaries and live classes with specialist teachers, you will be trained as a great professional in the sector. You can go live and see them delayed to review concepts. In addition, you will have sessions for the resolution of doubts and complementary classes.

course objectives

  • Understand the  physiology of physical exercise .
  • Know the  most common sports injuries .
  • Deepen the  approach to the most frequent injuries .
  • Learn the  main concepts of sports psychology .
  • Understand the  basic principles of scientific research .

Professional practices

With this course you will carry out between 60 and 300 hours of professional practices to put into practice all the concepts learned in your classes.


Upon successful completion of this Master, you will obtain the following qualifications:

  • CEMP’s own title.
  • University degree from UCAM.


teaching materials

In the virtual platform you will have access to English courses adapted to your level.

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