Open Higher Studies in Hospitality

Open Higher Studies in Hospitality

The ESAH School of Hospitality and Tourism offers you the opportunity to study a wide variety of courses and online masters specialized in the field of Hospitality, Cuisine, Oenology, Pastry, Tourism, Organization of Events and Management and Direction of companies and hotel establishments.

You will be able to train with active teachers with high qualifications and specialization, through an online training that has the support of SEAS , the Higher School of Hospitality of Seville , Grupo Lezama and the University of San Jorge .

ESAH educational model: Open Higher Studies in Hospitality

This training center uses an  online methodology  that has its own virtual campus, based on personalized attention to the student. The combined experience of the Seville School of Hospitality and the SEAS Open Higher Studies platform have already trained more than 17,000 professional students, in addition to having the support and official accreditation of the San Jorge University. 

His teaching method has constant monitoring of the educational process of his students , with planning organized by a team of teachers. These professionals will be in charge of guiding, organizing and accompanying the student’s academic itinerary, with the aim of eliminating the isolation with which online courses and distance training are usually associated. 

ESAH’s online training allows  the student to decide his own study pace.  The virtual platform will be the meeting point with the center, being able to access all the educational material, with a completely flexible schedule and knowledge adapted to its objectives. The  didactic material  is updated and oriented to the working world accessible from the  virtual campus , with additional training material (communication tools, bibliography, webinars, external references …).

Advantages of ESAH: Open Higher Studies in Hospitality

The methodology developed by ESAH has many advantages valued by its students:

  • Prestigious teachers . The ESAH teaching team is made up of active professionals with a reputation backed by their trajectory in Hospitality and Catering; and by professors from the Seville Hospitality School.
  • High degree of labor insertion.  ESAH’s good relationship with different restaurants and Hospitality companies allows the process of its students to be facilitated between their training and their entry into the professional sector.
  • Official University Recognition . All ESAH programs are recognized by the Universidad San Jorge and grant ETCS credits, for maximum use of the study.
  • Personalized attention . The student is the absolute protagonist of the course, counting on personalized attention in the hands of tutors, coordinators and campus teachers, so that the student completes the training with a high degree of satisfaction.

What courses does this center teach?: Open Higher Studies in Hospitality

ESAH courses are eminently focused on studies related to the Hospitality, Catering and Tourism sector. Its wide range of courses has different levels with official recognition from the Universidad San Jorge. Its students will be able to access both  specialized technical courses ,  higher-level training cycles,  as well as  master’s degrees and university degrees .

The extensive catalog of training is grouped into the following areas of knowledge:

  • Hostelry
  • tourism
  • Oenology
  • Management and Direction
  • Event organization
  • Cake shop
  • Kitchen

Who is ESAH training for?

The SEAS training offer is aimed at those students interested in joining the  labor market in the Hospitality and Tourism sector  or those active workers interested in guiding their career in a  professional specialization .

Within the areas of knowledge and levels present in the ESAH offer, this center has partners and collaborators related to the School of Hospitality of Seville  and the San Jorge University (USJ).

Internships in companies with ESAH

The ESAH training center has multiple agreements and conventions signed with hospitality groups and companies related to hospitality and tourism, allowing more than 2,000 students to access internships and more than 500 in job offers. ESAH offers you the possibility of doing internships in companies , to complement the theoretical-practical training in business reality.

These internships are not mandatory, but are offered as a complement to online training. In order to carry them out, it will be essential to have passed the part of the theoretical study, reside in Spain and have time availability. These practices have the following:

  • An internship tutor to have permanent monitoring.
  • practical notebook where you can keep track of the activities carried out and the competences achieved.
  • An accident insurance to meet any eventuality.

ESAH teaching team

The ESAH teaching team is made up of active professionals from the Seville Hospitality School and the Lezama Group , who make all the knowledge acquired during their professional career available to students. The fact of being active allows you to be in continuous contact with the sector and to know the current requirements of the hospitality sector.

The three educational profiles that make up ESAH are divided into the following positions:

  • The  coordinators , in charge of explaining the study methodology to the enrolled students and analyzing their progress as the course evolves, contrasting them with the objectives set.
  • The   group tutors , who continuously monitor the student, guiding and motivating them during the training process.
  • The   specialist teachers of each subject, who personally plan the study, personally solving the doubts raised by the student and providing the basic information and necessary complements

Enrollment requirements at ESAH

To enroll in ESAH studies, it will be necessary to attend to the  level of each training  to know the access requirements. Taking into account these criteria, we can find the following levels:

  • To access the Superior or Technical courses, they  have the only requirement of being over 21 years of age.
  • To access the  Master’s degrees and Expert courses , it  will be necessary to be over 25 years old, have a university degree and a previous work experience of 3 years that will be evaluated by an admission committee.

Where are the ESAH offices

The buildings and facilities of ESAH are distributed among the different centers that comprise it:

  • Grupo Lezama (Pza. Oriente, nº3, 28013, Madrid)
  • Higher School of Hospitality of Seville (Path of the Discoveries, 2 Annex Pabellón de la Navegación, 41092, Seville)
  • Universidad San Jorge  (Autovía Mudéjar, km. 299, CP 50830; Villanueva de Gállego)
  • Building SEAS Open Superior Studies  (Calle Violeta Parra, Nº 9, CP 50015)

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