Open Training School for Sports

Open Training School for Sports

The EFAD center is specialized in sports training through Open Higher Studies, as an online training center of the San Valero Group following the SEAS educational model. This center is specialized in courses and training for the Direction and Management of sports facilities, as well as for Physical Activity and health with a 100% online methodology.

This school for sports has a wide range of sports courses, so that students can specialize in the discipline that interests them the most. Its courses allow the student to be trained to develop professionally in this sector, both by successfully digesting sports facilities , training groups or competition teams . Their training allows them to have all the skills to be a sports coordinator, coach or monitor, with the recognition of the San Jorge University.

EFAD educational model: Open Training School for Sports

The Open Training School for Sports ( EFAD) uses an  online methodology  that has its own virtual campus, based on personalized attention to the student. His teaching method has constant monitoring of the educational process of his students, with planning organized by a team of teachers. These professionals will be in charge of guiding, organizing and accompanying the student’s academic itinerary.

EFAD’s online training allows  the student to decide his own study pace.  The virtual platform will be the meeting point with the center, being able to access all the educational material, with a completely flexible schedule and knowledge adapted to its objectives. The  didactic material  is updated and oriented to the working world accessible from the  virtual campus , with additional training material (communication tools, bibliography, webinars, external references …).

The student’s evaluation will be assessed through  tests, exercises, assignments  and  projects  based on real cases applicable to the world of work. All of this will be used to assess the work performed by the student

Advantages of studying at EFAD: Open Training School for Sports

The study method developed by EFAD has many advantages valued by its students:

  • Personalized attention . The student is the absolute protagonist of the course, with personalized attention in the hands of tutors, coordinators and campus teachers, so that the student completes the training with a high degree of satisfaction.
  • Official University Recognition . All EFAD programs are recognized by the Universidad San Jorge, with the granting of ETCS credits for the maximum use of the study.
  • Specialized teachers . The EFAD teaching team is made up of professionals active in the world of sport. The syllabi for each course are prepared and validated by teachers who are up-to-date in their specialties and who are valid for accessing the labor market.
  • Own online platform . EFAD has a virtual campus from which the student can access the contents of their course anywhere at any time.

What courses does this center teach?: Open Training School for Sports

EFAD courses are eminently focused on studies in sports management and direction . Its wide range of courses has different levels with official recognition from the Universidad San Jorge. Its students will be able to access both  specialized technical courses ,  higher-level training cycles,  as well as  master’s degrees and university degrees .

The EFAD training catalog is grouped into  three  different areas of knowledge :

  • Direction and management of sports facilities
  • Physical activities and Health
  • Team sports and high performance

Who is EFAD training for?

The efad training offer is aimed at those students interested in joining the  labor market in the sports field  or those working professionals interested in guiding their career in a  sports specialization . Within the areas of knowledge and levels present in EFAD’s offer, this center has partners and collaborators who endorse its training program such as the support of the  San Jorge University  (USJ).

Internships in companies with EFAD

EFAD offers its students the possibility of doing internships related to their online training . It is a complementary service to put into practice the theoretical skills acquired during the course. You will be able to consult with EFAD advisers what type of internships you are interested in related to your online course.

The business department will be in charge of selecting the one that best suits your preferences and thus carry out internships in the most suitable job for you. The objective of this center is to promote and guarantee the employment of its students in the sports sector.

Enrollment requirements at EFAD

To enroll in EFAD studies, it will be necessary to attend to the  level of each training  to know the access requirements. Attending to this category, we can find the following levels:

  • Master’s studies  . It will be necessary to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Studies for  Specialists . It will be necessary to prove professional experience in the field of study.
  • Studies for  Experts . It will be necessary to have a 1st or 2nd cycle degree or professional experience.
  • Higher or Technical Courses . It will not be necessary to present access requirements.

For the rest of the training courses, there will be no specific requirement or proof of theoretical or professional experience prior to enrollment.

Where is the central EFAD building

The central building and headquarters of the EFAD Open Training School for Sports is located in  Zaragoza  (C / Violeta Parra, nº9, CP 50015).

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