Pattern and Dressmaking Course

Pattern and Dressmaking Course

description: Pattern and Dressmaking Course

With this online pattern making and tailoring course you will learn, at your own pace, how to work in a textile workshop , from creating and rectifying different types of patterns, to making models.

You will always have the support of the teacher , and you will be able to progress in the theoretical-practical contents depending on the time you have, while you prepare to handle all the necessary tools for the process of creation and rectification of the garments and become professional in the sector of textile manufacturing .

objectives of this course: Pattern and Dressmaking Course

Designers must have an essential base, a necessary knowledge about the making of the garments designed. In this sense, training in pattern making and tailoring is enormously useful , because without knowing how a pattern is designed, how fabrics are cut, how they are rectified or how to sew them, we will not be able to dedicate ourselves to creation within the fashion sector. .

The main objective of this course is to train you to carry out the entire process of making garments of all kinds, from blouses to pants. For this you will learn the baselines of the patterns of each prototype and you will know how to rectify them; you will learn to cut a pattern precisely; to elaborate the assembly of the garments; and to sew them, handling the different stitching techniques by hand and by machine. At the end, you will know how to create your own model patterns and how to make your own garments .

professional outings:Pattern and Dressmaking Course 

This online course prepares you to dedicate yourself professionally to the world of fashion , performing jobs such as the following:

  • Manufacturer of propototypes, made to measure and in series
  • Arrangement maker
  • Designer / a fashion and designer / a – ons
  • Pattern maker


San Jorge University degree

At the end of this  online course on Pattern Making and Dressmaking , you will obtain your own degree from  Universidad San Jorge , where  the contents and study credits are indicated, in this case  12 ECTS credits .

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