Photography: what are the best filters on a smartphone?

Photography: what are the best filters on a smartphone?

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Taking good photos of your holidays with your mobile is possible, with some basic techniques!

And yet you can go one step further and improve the quality or style of a photo with just a few clicks. How? With the filters that most phones feature to make travel photos even more colorful or portraits more professional.

Therefore, mobile filters will help you improve your photos, such as:

  • The black and white filter, which, thanks to two colorimetric tones, will allow to  unify  a final photo to give it an old-fashioned effect.
  • The sepia filter, which will give the photo  vintage air , as if it were old.
  • The warm filter, which, through tones such as yellow or orange,  will make a photo warmer. 
  • The cold filter, which, through tones like blue, will give the photo a less static look, almost  as if it were analog.
  • The color revival filter, which  will play with saturation  and exposure to give your photo more character.
  • Color filters, which are often  fun to use, but can sometimes serve the photographer by subtly adding an overall color.
  • And many more!

Depending on the brand, model and year, mobiles have many filters of all kinds, with which you can highlight a portrait or simply take good pictures without effort. Yes, we can cheat a bit, as long as we don’t harm anyone, why not take advantage of it ? Photography: what are the best filters on a smartphone?

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