Professional coaching sessions in Seville

Professional coaching sessions in Seville

The professional coaching classes in Seville , like all the others, are designed for the general public. Whatever your professional situation, you may be interested in hiring the services of a professional coach .

Senior managers of companies may be interested in taking a course on decision-making, team management, communication, leadership, etc. For their part, employees may be interested in a different approach, with an emphasis on skills such as teamwork or developing personal skills.

If your idea is to create a company, perhaps the help of a coach will also come to you . The administration and the first months of an entrepreneur can be tremendously complicated, especially if you do not have partners with whom to share the most bitter moments. A coach can help you, as they become a professional and moral support figure .

If you want to enjoy some coaching sessions in Seville, you may be interested in contacting:

  • Sucoaching : this coaching service in Seville offers both personal, executive or team coaching . They work in face-to-face sessions of 60 minutes and adjust the number of sessions depending on the profile of each person.
  • Juanma Conde: is an expert in Coaching, NLP , Generative Trance, Mindfulness, etc., whose work aims to help teams and people achieve their goals and achieve a fuller and happier life.

Professional coaching rates do not usually appear on the webs for the simple reason that the profiles of the clients are so varied that each person needs an adapted evaluation.

Discover your career path with the help of a professional.
The services of a coach will help you find your way.

If you want more information, feel free to contact the coaches directly. They will be in charge of determining with you the number of hours you will need and will offer you the price that best suits you. Professional coaching sessions in Seville

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