Professional Dj Course

Professional Dj Course

Become a professional and technical DJ in contemporary communication

description: Professional Dj Course

If music is your thing and your idols are renowned DJs like Martin Garrix, David Guetta, etc … the professional DJ course  is ideal for you.

To be a successful DJ it is essential to have a good training. With this Treintaycincomm course you will learn to develop your own sound and musical language and you will go far beyond electronic music! You will acquire sound technical knowledge , you will learn about event management and promotion and you will acquire all the keys to developing your brand image . 

The course teachers combine their work as a teacher with their active experience in production companies and recording and filming studios. Their  direct contact with the professional world  makes them know very well what you need to train and find work in the sector. They will be the ones who will correct all your exercises, solve all your doubts and guide you on your way.

With the e-learning methodology , you can train completely online at your own pace and wherever you are. Through the telepresence classes you will be able to interact with your teachers and your classmates to answer questions and share ideas. You can join them from any device and place with an internet connection. In case you cannot see them live or want to review something of what was seen in them, the recordings  are uploaded integrally to the  learning platform .

course objectives: Professional Dj Course

The goal is for you to develop your potential without limits , through open and practical training that includes monitoring and personalized attention. In addition to establishing the following bases:

  • Understand the possibilities of the figure of the DJ within a professional framework, recognize their creative abilities and their possibilities in contemporary musical communication.
  • Learn the essential elements and characteristics of music and its styles to be able to develop your own sound language.
  • Learn to develop, manage and conserve with criteria a musical collection according to the different musical formats and styles. Know the tools available for your organization.
  • Know and learn to install and configure the necessary technical equipment according to the types of facilities, spaces and their purpose. 
  • Assimilate the techniques for preparing and conducting a session, including the skills necessary for an adequate, successful and creative mix.
  • Learn to design, prepare and manage a music event or radio program.
  • Learn to launch a musical project in the current market, following current legislation (rights, obligations and occupational risks)

Practical Face-to-Face Workshops: Professional Dj Course

The course guarantees up to 25 hours of practical face-to-face workshops. A great opportunity to apply your knowledge, add a professional experience to your resume and expand your network of contacts.

Professional outings

With this 35 MM course you will train to work like a true professional and you will be able to apply for positions such as:

  • Dj for social events.
  • Musical and sound advice for the performing arts or the audiovisual sector.
  • Professional DJ career.
  • Musical promotion and booking management.
  • Room sound technician for fairs, congresses or commercial presentations.
  • Music journalism in both written and telematic media as well as radio and podcasts.
  • Specialized communication on YouTube and other web media.
  • Artistic promotion in clubs or party rooms.


At the end of your course at TreintaycincoMM you will obtain the following qualifications :

    • Treintaycincomm’s own title: DJ Course (300 hours).
    • Training practice certificate (25 hours).

teaching materials

  • Practical training:  practical exercises, questionnaires, simulations of real cases … 
  • Telepresence classes . Interact with your teacher and your classmates to answer questions and share ideas. You can join them from any device and place with an internet connection. In case you cannot see them live or want to review something of what has been seen in them, the recordings  are uploaded in their entirety to the  learning platform .
  • Training videos . In addition to physical books and in digital format, the theoretical content is reinforced with videos that  summarize the ideas of each syllabus  and explain more practical aspects of the profession.
  • Self-assessments and exams in the virtual classroom  that will help you consolidate and consolidate the knowledge learned.

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