Revenue Management and Tourism Marketing Course

Revenue Management and Tourism Marketing Course

description: Revenue Management and Tourism Marketing Course

The Higher Course in Revenue Management and Tourism Marketing covers all the possibilities that new technologies offer to those responsible for hotel communication, both offering rooms and making reservations, as well as managing the image of the brand online, both in the different networks social as on the review pages.

This complete course is developed to have the complete vision of the person in charge of the hotel management and communication of a hotel.


Thanks to an innovative study methodology, through the tutored resolution of practical cases, you will know how to manage the availability and pricing of available rooms , optimizing income and maximizing hotel occupancy . You will learn to perform the main techniques and strategies of a Revenue Mananager, optimizing your distribution strategies and efficiently managing hotel capacity, at the same time that you make an optimal price allocation.

professional opportunities for this course

This course prepares you for a wide range of jobs within the hotel industry. In addition, when you enroll, you will have the right to carry out  professional internships in hotel companies , where you will put your learning into practice and significantly improve your curriculum. You will also have access to a  job bank  that will help you enter the job market in your sector. Among others, you can apply for the following positions:

  • Head of reception
  • Revenue Manager
  • Community Manager

teaching materials

The materials in this course include online classes, which you can complement with  face-to-face seminars  and  live classes  with your teachers.

The study methodology is totally  flexible , so that you make the most of your time.

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