Salsa Steps

Salsa Steps

After seeing the styles of Salsa that are most danced, we are now going to learn the “must” in terms of the steps, that is, those essential steps when learning to dance salsa .

  • Basic or Salsa in 1
  • Sauce in 2
  • March
  • Side
  • Crossed
What are the basic steps of Salsa?
Mastering the basic steps is essential to advance to the next level.

Basic or Salsa in 1

As we have said in the previous section, the musical fragment is divided into 8 rhythmic beats. Dancing Salsa in 1 means that hit 1 will be used to start the dance , so that the steps when counting would be like this; 1-2-3 fast-fast-slow, 5-6-7 fast-fast-slow , steps 4 and 8 are the pauses .

Dance Salsa in 2

To dance Salsa in 2, all you have to do is use hit 2 to start the dance. Therefore, you will have to count as follows; 2-3-4… 6-7-8 . Typically hit 1 is used to step onto the site.


This is a very similar step to the basic step. It consists of taking two steps forward and two backward, advancing a little, hence it is called Step in March .


In lateral step, the feet do not move forward or backward, but instead move to the side. On 1 , the boy will start with the left foot to the left side, and the girl with the right foot to the right side. In 2 , the boy steps into the room with his right foot, and the girl with his left foot. He returns to the center at 3 . The same operation is repeated, but towards the other side.


In this step the feet move as follows; on hit 1, the right hitter steps in front of the left foot, so that it crosses it. On hit 2, the left foot crosses the right foot, and so on.

Whether they are Salsa classes for beginners, intermediate or more advanced levels, these steps are essential and mastering them will allow you to gradually include steps and figures that are more difficult to execute.

So far our overview of Salsa. We just hope that you have found it interesting and that you have wanted to continue learning more about this Latin rhythm so in vogue today.

Try taking some general dance classes and then jump into salsa with confidence. Salsa Steps

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