Teaching English to a Dyslexic Child

Teaching English to a Dyslexic Child

Teaching English to a dyslexic is not easy.
Often faced with school failure, dyslexic students experience great difficulties in school.
When it comes to English, the child will have to overcome his cognitive handicap in order to progress in a foreign language.

So how do you proceed?: Teaching English to a Dyslexic Child

Choose a private English teacher.
Be careful, choose the teacher well. Explain beforehand the problems that your child is confronted with.
The teacher must be patient and able to adapt his methods: introduce playful exercises, association of colors and words … Everything must be done to facilitate the student’s memorization.
Use the colors to highlight the important words to remember in English.
There are specific schools for dyslexic children.
Opt for a variety of media : English-speaking films with subtitles, written press and audios.
We will never repeat it enough, language stays abroad are by far the most effective.
Taking an immersion allows you to improve your English considerably: England, Australia, United States, choose and go on an adventure!
The child, in contact with people who speak English, will have no choice but to learn: he will have to listen, speak and make himself understood.
A full-scale game perfect for cultural enrichment in addition to learning.

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