Tips to introduce a child to learning English

Tips to introduce a child to learning English

Here are some tips to introduce a child to English .
He speaks regularly in English.
The more your child gets used to hearing English words and sounds, the faster he will assimilate English vocabulary, as well as achieve good pronunciation.
He teaches English in a playful way.
To teach him English easily, favor playful exercises: teach him English ditties, do role-playing games, or opt for educational games in English. You will learn vocabulary very fast.
Why not find a song for children that allows you to develop your oral expression by singing?
Or a storybook in English? A story in another language before falling asleep is an excellent idea.
Turn to an English-speaking baby-sitter
If your child regularly interacts with an English speaker, they will assimilate the English language very easily.

Travel to an English-speaking country: Tips to introduce a child to learning English

Total language immersion is still the best solution for learning a language.
Why not opt ​​for an internship in English? Or go on vacation to an English-speaking country?
Choose a bilingual school
English at school is an advantage in the sense that it will be easier to use pedagogical material.
Your child will be able to practice English while having fun. Find out about schools and teachers to find out if they offer specific English courses for children.
Then it all depends on the level of English that the student wishes to obtain.
Obviously it is not about learning business English, reserved for adults, but it is entirely possible to make children fully bilingual.
When your child is older, he or she can pass a TOEIC or TOEFL-type English test.
The proof that you have mastered an international language will open many doors for you: you can easily speak to a native English-speaking client or participate in professional meetings in English.
If you are Valencian, do not hesitate to contact the English Academy Valencia to obtain all the necessary information about the classes taught near you.

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