The best photography academies in the world

The best photography academies in the world

The best photography schools in the world

Trust a photography school to make rapid progress in your photography technique!

Get trained at a renowned photography academy
Learn to photograph with the best photographers in the world thanks to the best international photography schools!

Nowadays, artistic studies are more and more common, as students want to acquire a sufficient level before embarking on the  professional environment of photography.  Enrolling in a reputable photography school is therefore the guarantee of obtaining a rewarding degree and getting a stable job more easily.

Here is a short, non-exhaustive list of the world’s leading photography schools :

  • The Arts Institute, located in San Francisco
  • SirJJ School of Applied Arts, located in Mumbai
  • IstitutoEuropeo di Design, located in Rome and Madrid
  • TokioZokei University, located in Tokyo
  • Kent StateSchool, located in Kent
  • Photography Studies College, located in Melbourne
  • RoyalCollege of Art, located in London. The best photography academies in the world

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