The mistakes you should not make to guide your child

The mistakes you should not make to guide your child

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No direction is immutable, but you should avoid making mistakes with your child at all costs.

Now that you know your role, let’s take a look at the  mistakes to avoid  in order to help your child navigate correctly.

The biggest mistake would be to think that your child does not need your help to orient himself . This is the biggest paradox of school guidance: Your child has to make his own decisions for himself, but he needs your support. Be subtle by being present but not overly so, showing that you are there for them when they need you and that they can get their questions answered.

These are other mistakes to avoid:

  • A good student does not need help to orient himself.
  • School results don’t matter.
  • Not taking into account the personality of the child.
  • Orientation is not tied to the wishes of the student.
  • Higher education is compulsory.
  • Taking too long to choose your educational and professional career.
  • A psychologist counselor is worthless.

The  good students  can be as much or more lost than bad students. Not because a student is successful in class will he know what training or what profession to choose. The school environment is totally different from the professional world.

However, academic success  is important when choosing a certain education, such as college majors with a high cut-off mark. However, this is not the only criterion to take into account: the personality and aspirations  of the high school or high school student will also determine their training plan, in addition to their abilities.

Although university studies  resulted in a successful professional life until recently, this is no longer the case. There may even be fewer career opportunities when you finish a degree than when you complete a course in a trade that you have difficulty finding candidates.

The ideal thing for your child to be clear about is to resort to school guidance as soon as he enters the institute and not wait until 4th of ESO or 1st of Bachillerato to think about what the student wants to do.

On the other hand, having an external point of view can help you take a certain perspective and  better define the student’s professional interests and tastes , hence the importance of turning to a school counselor. The mistakes you should not make to guide your child

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