What is the role of parents in school guidance?

What is the role of parents in school guidance?

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Adolescence is a difficult time in a child’s life. Midway between childhood and adulthood, he experiences bodily and hormonal changes, which often make him irritable. There are often conflicts with parents, who do not know what to do with them. Little by little, the adolescent shapes his personality, and rebellion is part of the game!

However, during this crucial period the adolescent must make decisions for their professional future . And right now, believe it or not, he will need the support of his parents .

You are neither a psychologist nor a counselor, but your role is essential in your child’s educational and career guidance.

Your paper should have four different shapes:

  • Communication: dialogue and communication are essential for there to be a  bond of trust  between you and your child. Listen to his wishes without judging him, as you could push him away and prevent him from speaking. Having an open mind is essential during this period so that the child can entrust you with their aspirations and dreams regarding their guidance project. You can also talk to their teachers to find out their strengths and weaknesses in terms of academic results.
  • Recognition:  High school and high school students need recognition when they push themselves. Believing that getting good grades is normal will not help you continue your efforts and will likely become discouraged. Do not hesitate to  acknowledge their successes  so that a cause and effect link is established: if you work on this, you will achieve that.
  • Peace of Mind:  There is no need to put more pressure on your child’s shoulders to choose their education and career guidance. It is very likely that you will be lost in the ocean of possibilities that are offered to you. And nothing happens! Your role is to  reassure him about his career options, bearing in mind that it is always possible to change studies or trade.
  • Support:  the young person should be  the protagonist in their orientation,  but they need help in the process. Tell him about your experience, find information with him about trades on the Internet, accompany him to job forums and student fairs … Show that you are by his side to help him make decisions.

As you may have understood, the role of parents is essential for the development of the student’s professional project. What is the role of parents in school guidance?

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