Titles to become a choreographer

Titles to become a choreographer

Titles or not, that’s the question !

Without having prestigious diplomas, such as the Higher Conservatory of Dance diploma, it is also possible to become a renowned choreographer and work on your pedagogical qualities during your private dance classes. At Superprof, it is not mandatory to have dance diplomas or degrees in order to write an advertisement. Speaking of which, many students attach more importance to a dancer’s experience than their diplomas!

However, to teach in specialized organizations, recruiters require official dance diplomas. In fact, diplomas allow you to justify your experience and knowledge in this field.

Here are the different titles that a dancer can or has to possess in order to teach in a dance school or conservatory:

• Higher Artistic Education in Dance • Undergraduate
exams of the Royal Academy of Dance in London (specialized in classical ballet)

History of dance, music, psychology or even pedagogy: so many disciplines that a dancer has to study to get his official title!

With this title in your possession, the most prestigious conservatories and schools in Spain will open their doors to you. However, achieving the Higher Degree in Dance requires great personal involvement on the part of the dancer and aspiring teacher or choreographer.

Become a teacher with an official qualification by passing the different dance exams! Titles to become a choreographer

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