Top 10 tips for shooting with your camera

Top 10 tips for shooting with your camera

tips for making good videos
The screen allows you to better see the plane while filming.

Making good videos with a camera  requires a minimum of knowledge and sometimes equipment. To record with a camera, we advise you the following:

  • Write a script.
  • Choose your goals.
  • Make cuts while filming.
  • Learn how to stabilize your device.
  • Make the correct settings in video mode.
  • Choose the right light.
  • Choose to record still shots.
  • Enhance the sound of the camera with an external mic.
  • Take multiple takes for the same scene.
  • Change camera angles regularly.

Writing a movie or video script is not essential, but it can greatly facilitate the exercise. In fact, knowing in advance which scenes to shoot will make it easier for you to  focus on the artistic aspects of the video . You can also preview the still shots of the video in advance.

Because you should know that it is very difficult to record tracking shots with a camera. The autofocus does not work well with the video . To make the image clear, you need to focus manually; A real puzzle!

The best solution is to  record still but dynamic shots ! Don’t always shoot from the same viewing angle, as this can be a bit monotonous. You just have to move and change the angle.

You should also make cuts while filming . The cameras are not made to record continuously. In addition to battery problems, the camera has a maximum recording time, an option that you can configure. You can also  choose the number of frames per second  or even if you want to record in Full HD or 4K (if possible).

Finally, make sure you have enough light to make good videos . Even if your camera allows you to raise the ISO or has a large sensor, the role of light is still essential for recording. Be careful with the backlight! Top 10 tips for shooting with your camera

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