Video Editing and Postproduction Course

Video Editing and Postproduction Course

Get ready to edit audiovisual works from start to finish and become an expert in editing and post-production

description: Video Editing and Postproduction Course

Would you like to shape films, series, documentaries, spots or any type of audiovisual production? Behind all video hides the work of  editing and post-production experts, capable of shaping ideas .

You will enjoy composing stories and guiding the emotions of the viewer. And if in addition to giving meaning to the pieces you want to generate the post-production of the final product, with the knowledge in After Effects that you will acquire, you will be  prepared to edit audiovisual works from beginning to end .

At  Treintaycinco mm  we have the preparation you need to become a true professional in Video Editing and Postproduction.

Classes are telepresence . In them you can interact with your teacher and your classmates to answer questions and share ideas . You can join them from any device and place with an internet connection. In case you cannot see them live or want to review something of what has been seen in them, the recordings  are uploaded in their entirety to the virtual  learning platform .

course objectives: Video Editing and Postproduction Course

  • Assimilate the mechanisms of audiovisual language and be able to use them to tell stories.
  • Control technical terminology and know what each term refers to.
  • Know the history of montage , its main precursors and technical evolution, the basis of the creative evolution of the profession.
  • Mastering the different aspects that come into play in editing, such as sound, time, rhythm, etc.
  • Learn to handle the viewer’s psyche through montage, being able to transmit, in an ideal way, the intentionality of the piece.
  • Adapt the montage to the main characteristics of the narrative typology : documentary, a television program or a film of a certain genre, for example.
  • Follow the assembly flow to perfectly organize the work project and correctly monitor the processes.
  • Internalize the theory of color and its importance when illuminating and treating our images in order to transmit what we want through them.
  • Color grading and correcting in DaVinci Resolve , the most popular software used by industry professionals, Premiere and After Effects .

Virtual campus: Video Editing and Postproduction Course

  • Attend live telepresence classes and ask your teacher.
  • Access all the sessions already recorded if you have not been able to attend or want to review.
  • Take your exams and self-assessments online.
  • Discover complementary video material.
  • You have a calendar of events related to your training and constantly updated.
  • Contact directly with your tutor and with the specialist teacher to ask questions.
  • You have at your disposal the Quality and Technical Service departments.

Practical Face-to-Face Workshops: Video Editing and Postproduction Course

The course guarantees up to 300 hours of practical face-to-face workshops. A great opportunity to apply your knowledge, add a professional experience to your resume and expand your network of contacts.


At the end of your course at TreintaycincoMM you will obtain the following qualifications :

    • TreintaycincoMM’s own title:   Video Editing and Postproduction  (400 hours).
    • Diploma of internships in companies.

In addition, the student will receive the following complementary diplomas :

  • The diploma of the chosen language.
  • Accreditation of the Occupational Risk Prevention course (basic level) (40 h).

Professional outings

You will learn everything you need to master video montage and you will be able to apply for positions such as:

  • Video editor
  • Colourist
  • Assembly assistant

teaching materials

  • Video editing and post-production telepresence classes
  • Telepresence classes in the areas of: job orientation, English and occupational risk prevention.
  • Face-to-face seminars in the areas of: English and job orientation (subject to availability according to delegation).
  • Training in Occupational Risk Prevention (independent evaluation) (40 hours).
  • Training in English with preparation for official Cambridge and Oxford exams (12 months) or access to the Tell Me More platform of the chosen language.

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