What budget to calculate for the wedding report?

What budget to calculate for the wedding report?

Once you’ve set your budget, it’s also important to understand what photographers typically charge. Most newlyweds tend to think that the price of a wedding report is often too high. And although it may be true in some cases, it is also true that it is necessary to take into account everything that is implicit in said rate.

In fact, the photographer’s job is not limited to taking thousands of photos during the day . As we have already said, the photographer must spend some time before the wedding with the bride and groom to get to know them, locate the wedding venues and prepare their equipment. All this part already requires a few hours of work that must be paid.

However, in addition to the day of the report, the photographer must also think about the time they will spend on post-production. Post-production is a stage of selecting photographs, retouching, making prints, enlargements, etc.

To all this we must add the price of the contracted products, such as a USB, a CD, a slide show, a photo album …

Therefore, it is important not to repair only on the wedding day but to take into account all the work contributed by the photographer. For a full day of shooting, we can estimate that the photographer will have to work for a total week. Do you still think they are too expensive?

Objectives of the wedding photographer
The photographer’s job is not just to take photos on the day

On the other hand, the price can vary from one professional photographer to another. This may be due to the situation of the company you work with, which may require more or less expenses, but also because the photographer may have a photo studio to pay for (rent, electricity, etc.). All these variables can raise or lower the price of the photographer, as well as his reputation and experience.

Finally, the price of the material must be taken into account in the budget. Equipment is damaged and it is impossible for a professional photographer to do without it. So you need to renew it quite regularly, especially since it needs some replacement.

For a digital photographer, it is rare to charge less than € 1,000 a day. This is the minimum price for a professional photographer (and it is still relatively low). If you want to pay a little less for your wedding, you will have to do without some services and choose when you want to be present.

To save some money, try to find a photographer who lives close to where you are hosting the wedding. Travel costs must also be included.

As for the photographer who offers video services, he estimates that the price can go up to € 2,500. Film, development, and printing are relatively expensive. What budget to calculate for the wedding report?

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