Where does a school counselor work?

Where does a school counselor work?

The educational counselor’s workplace , as the name clearly indicates, is primarily confined to educational centers.

What does it take to be an educational psychologist?
Schools are the origin of the first human contacts.

From nursery classes to college, you can see a counselor if the center has one. The normal thing in Spain is that it is present in institutes, since in the case of primary schools and nurseries it is not mandatory (this within the public education system). In the case of private and arranged, it will depend on the center.

Their areas of development may also vary according to the level of education in which they act: educational and social support for the little ones, counseling and social integration for adolescents …

In this sense, the educational counselor can help in the following contexts:

  • ESO and Baccalaureate students who need help when choosing what they want to study at the university.
  • Adolescents who need support with their professional project.
  • Adults seeking college or career training.
  • People who wish to resume their studies after several years on the job market.
  • Adults who want information about a possible career conversion.

Outside of public service, some school psychologists become school guidance counselors. This coaching mission is carried out by organizing private individual sessions focused on the needs of the child they serve.

Help to learn to read, tips for integration into the classroom or even preparing for exams can be part of the topics covered during the sessions. Where does a school counselor work?

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