What are the possible career opportunities and salary for a school counselor?

What are the possible career opportunities and salary for a school counselor?

The salary of school counselors is established according to a salary scale issued by the Ministry of Education.

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I want to change jobs within the field of psychology, what options do I have?

At the beginning of their career, the counselors who earn the least will be those in the Infant and Primary stages, whose salary will touch approximately 1,600 euros per year.

Their average salary may increase to almost 2,000 euros as they go up the educational stage.

Likewise, it is necessary to take into account seniority (three years) and the possible bonuses that can make the salary vary.

Of course, this salary is that of public centers, because in the case of subsidized and private centers, the salary is established by each center, but it is usually lower.

When it comes to career opportunities, studying psychology offers many varied options.

The logical professional development to work as a counselor makes the psychology student, after completing the master’s degree, present himself to the oppositions in order to have a certain stability throughout his professional career.

Another option for those who seek to evolve in their professional path would be to be part of an Information and Guidance Center, available in most Spanish universities (both public and private), and even direct it.

In this sense, the director will be the one who will manage the teams of psychologists and counselors and will dictate the educational policy of the center. It will also carry out all the tasks inherent to the good management of your center.

Some psychologists move away from public service and move into positions of clinical psychologists.

Others work for hospital institutions, medical centers and geriatrics to support patients through psychological or emotional therapy and rehabilitation.

Those with a doctorate in psychology can pursue careers as professors or researchers.

Once the psychology degree is in hand and with a few years of experience, you can specialize in many professions related to education, health or social work.

Being a psychologist, whether in an educational context or not, requires a professional career focused on others, where you will find your own personal fulfillment, without getting bored. What are the possible career opportunities and salary for a school counselor?

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