Where to learn photography in Madrid

Where to learn photography in Madrid

To learn photography in Madrid , you can find photography workshops to start or improve in this artistic discipline:

  • At Lens School of Visual Arts they offer photography and video courses with the best professionals, from the most basic level to the most advanced, including film and photography masters. As for photography workshops, they offer: basic initiation workshop; post-production workshop; lighting workshop; analog photography workshop; author workshops.
  • At Madphoto , in addition to introductory, medium, advanced, from 0, lighting courses, etc. They offer photography workshops such as: Composition in photography; How to do my first expo and Children’s Photography.

If you want to study photography in a more professional way, we invite you to meet some of the many photography schools present in Madrid , such as EFTI – International Center of Photography and Cinema or Too Many Flash.

Photography classes in Madrid
Learn photography in the best places in Madrid.

On the other hand, the associations offer the opportunity to receive courses and workshops at a lower price than with the more traditional classes and courses. In addition, you can benefit from all the activities they carry out and share your passion for photography with other people. Some photographic associations in Madrid are:

  • The Royal Photographic Society (RSF), where members can find contests, exhibitions, seminars, courses and workshops and a wide agenda of proposals.
  • The Spanish Association of Nature Photographers (AEFONA). Throughout the year, the Association carries out various activities, such as exhibitions, screenings, workshops, meetings and field trips.
  • TMF Club . You will be able to enjoy a complete annual offer of activities related to photography: meetings, events, workshops and courses.

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