Where to learn photography in Malaga

Where to learn photography in Malaga

You can find many places to learn photography in Malaga . Among the schools available, we can mention Studio-1 where they offer an introductory photography workshop and a Photoshop course or the professional photographer Juan Miguel Alba , who offers a wide variety of courses: basic, image processing, lightroom , photography of documentary reportage, manners, street and travel, landscapes and nature, black and white printing, as well as talks and other workshops.

Regarding the associations , the Malaga Photographic Society (SFM) stands out, whose objectives are the dissemination and promotion of photography as a means of artistic expression and offer different workshops, and the Malaga Nature Photographers Association ( AFONAMA ) that aims to above all, highlighting and bringing the natural values ​​of the province of Malaga even closer to the people of Malaga, through itinerant photographic exhibitions, courses, colloquia, etc.

Urban photography
Learn to photograph the streets of Malaga from another perspective.

To train professionally , we recommend the Apertura school where you can take courses, workshops, summer schools and photocampus, and Animum , where they offer their Fundamentals of Photography Course, a Photoshop Course and a Master in Professional Photography.

By the way, if you are one of those who prefer to go at your own pace, at Superprof we offer you an online photography course .

Finally, do not forget that you can take private classes whatever your city. You just have to get in touch with a photography teacher who lives near you through a platform that is specialized in connecting students and private teachers. Superprof is one of them, having a network of private tutors in many fields, including photography.

From professional photographers to Fine Arts students, you will find teachers to suit all budgets and levels. Take advantage, all these teachers offer the first hour of class for free . Where to learn photography in Malaga

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