Where to learn photography in Valencia

Where to learn photography in Valencia

If you live in Valencia and want to learn photography , you can find several schools where you can discover this fascinating artistic discipline:

  • Efedephoto is a photography school that targets a very wide audience and offers both individual and group courses and workshops. His group workshops include: reportage photography, outdoor flash and editing and retouching.
  • At Objective Valencia Photography they offer:
    • Basic course
    • Extended basic course
    • Medium level: light and composition control.
    • Processed raw with lightroom.
    • Flash management.
    • Product photography.
    • Photography with mobile and compact.

If in addition to photography you love to travel, this photography space will organize trips to incredible places where you can merge your two passions.

Photography classes in Spain
Discover photographic techniques such as light painting.

On the other hand, opening the doors of an association if you are a beginner or amateur photographer usually rhymes with a good atmosphere and passion. At Foto Club València you will find a bit of everything. Among other activities, the following stand out:

  • Exhibitions in your room.
  • Cultural visits.
  • Lectures on current issues.
  • Presentation of photographic works.
  • Workshops and courses.
  • Photographic outputs.
  • Black and white labs.
  • Digital treatment of the image.

AGFOVAL is a non-profit association that has more than 60 years of experience and whose main interest is the passion for photography. Digital photography and image treatment courses are taught, although other more specific courses can also be proposed.

When passion and profession merge, it is necessary to find suitable training to learn photography professionally. To do this, we propose:

  • Espai d’art fotogràfic (International School of Photography) offers theoretical and practical training with the aim of training future professionals and that they finish their studies with extensive knowledge about the world of photography. In it you can get the Diploma of Photographic Studies I and II and do your Master in Photography: Production and Creation.
  • Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València (EASD) proposes the Title of Superior Technician of Plastic Arts and Design in Photography. Where to learn photography in Valencia

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