Why learn business Italian?

Why learn business Italian?

Why learn business Italian?

What is Italian good for ?: Why learn business Italian?

We have all (or almost) asked this question one day.
What can Italian contribute to your CV when the demand is directed more towards languages ​​such as English, German or French?
Italian is nevertheless a language spoken by more than 70 million people in the world . Although it does not reach the level of Spanish (340 million speakers), it has great importance on the European continent.
Because contrary to what we might think, Italian is not only spoken in Italy . Other countries in the world use it to communicate. Switzerland, for example, counts Italian among its three official languages ​​(along with German and French). Although German is more widespread, around 8% of the population speaks the Italian language.
You can also converse in Italian in Croatia , in the beautiful region of Istria. This peninsula near Italy, has taken refuge in the Roman culture of the neighboring country. It was part of the Roman Empire. It has an air of dolce vita that has not dissipated over time. If you decide to visit this part of the country, it will be possible for you to speak Italian with most of the inhabitants.
The majority of the Italian community in Argentina is concentrated in Buenos Aires.
As in Argentina, where almost half of the population is of Italian origin. Dual nationality is very widespread in the country and Italian culture is more present than ever. From the schnitzel to the Milanese to the pronounced accent of the Argentines, almost the whole country breathes Italy.
All these international links are real opportunities for those who speak the language of Dante. Not inconsiderable opportunities that your future employers will know how to take into account.
Italy is in effect a trading partner of Spain. There is no doubt that your language skills will be appreciated, especially the agri-food trade , one of the privileged sectors in terms of exchanges between both countries.
And that competition is not that common.
In Spain, only 5% of citizens estimate that they can carry on a conversation in Italian. Which relegates Dante Alighieri’s language to the 4th place of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the peninsula, after English, French and German. You will therefore increase your chances of finding employment compared to other candidates who will have chosen the Germanic or Francophone language.

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