Why take classical dance classes?

Why take classical dance classes?

Classical dance is a true sport as well as an art. Provides many benefits for the body and mind .

Win in elegance

When we think of an « étoile » (star) dancer , we imagine her full of elegance, performing « pas-de-deux », « entrechat » and pliés. The bearing of his head gives off elegance, with outstretched arms. Makes you want to imitate her!

Classical dance is the best way to improve posture . Standing upright, raising your head, and lengthening your spine are the first things you learn in a classical dance class.

In this way, we also gain elegance  in everyday life.

Did you know…?

Classical dance is often recommended for those with back pain. With muscle strengthening and stretching during the warm-up, you can strengthen your abs and back.

Gain flexibility

Learn classical dance.
You don’t have to sign up for a children’s dance class to learn classical.

When you think of a classical dancer, all the pirouettes, the twists with perfectly stretched legs, etc. come to mind.

In fact, from the first class of classical dance, flexibility will be part of the warm-up, as it helps prevent injuries and stop the natural aging of the joints and tendons. It can also be useful in other types of dance such as contemporary dance, modern dance or hip hop.

Flexibility affects the whole body : from the arms to the legs, through the back to the toes.

However, don’t force yourself. Every day your body will be in a different state of fatigue and you will be able to stretch more or less. It is not a competition and if you cannot advance very quickly, do not worry, that will not prevent you from acquiring elegance and being able to successfully execute the exercises and choreographies.

Start up the brain

Starting with classical dance also means learning how to exercise the mind to memorize the choreographies. During a dance class or during group classes, you will have to retain the more or less long sequences . This is valid for classical dance, but also for ballroom dancing, Cuban salsa, sports dance or tap dancing.

Dance is also an intellectual sport. We put problems aside and we do not think about them during dance classes. However, it does not imply that we put the brain in “off”, but rather the opposite, we must be focused on the steps to assimilate and apply everything the following week. Why take classical dance classes?

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