1 \ The Different Types of Events

1 \ The Different Types of Events

Business events. Social events.

2 \ The Meetings Market: 1 \ The Different Types of Events

The meetings market. The value of strategic management. Quality, communication and business meetings. The business trip. The relationships between the event sector actors.

3 \ The OPC Company (Professional Congress Organizers): 1 \ The Different Types of Events

Definition and concept of OPC company. Lines of work of the OPCs. Services provided by the OPCs. Inspection of the venue. Spanish Federation of Professional Congress Organizing Business Associations.


4 \ Spaces for the Celebration of Events: 1 \ The Different Types of Events

Choice of place and space. Types of event venues. Current market trend. Congress offices as promoters of this tourism.

5 \ Organization and Planning of Events

Causes and reasons for organizing an event. Organize events successfully. Organization and planning.

6 \ Planning, Budgets and Quotes

Planning. Budgets. Quotes.

7 \ Internal Organization

Choice of work team. Organize events with a guarantee of success. The promoting company: organize an event. Organization vs success. Business conventions.

8 \ Commercial Department

Seller profile. Department procedures. Confirmation of events. Service orders. Check list of an event. Cancellations. Commissions. Billing and collections. Analysis of the results of the event.

9 \ The Event, Phases and their Evaluation

Events as a communication platform. Overconfidence when organizing an event and its consequences on its outcome. The post-event. Conclusions.

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