Professional Pastry Course (Superior Course)

Professional Pastry Course (Superior Course)


This Superior Course in Professional Pastry gives you a global vision of the sector and develops all the essential techniques of professional pastry, that is, basic pastry, bakery and artistic pastry.

With this online training you will be able to prepare as you want, depending on the time you have, and at the end you will obtain your degree from the Higher School of Hospitality of Seville , endorsed by the San Jorge University .

objectives of this course: Professional Pastry Course (Superior Course)

You will master all the essential techniques of pastry, bakery and chocolate with this online course, and you will learn how to get the most out of all the elaborations at the level of raw materials, tools and creation.

You will know all the details of this trade, from the handling of each of the artistic techniques, going through the most essential elaborations, controlling times and temperatures to achieve accuracy in the creation of each of your desserts.

In short, this course will train you to become a professional pastry chef ,  with extensive knowledge of classic and international pastry, but also about traditional breads, sweet bakery, sugar preparations, candies, chocolates and even the most innovative pastry.

professional outings

This course is designed so that you grow in your career, and you can occupy jobs as a professional pastry chef , but also as:

  • Head of pastry
  • Head of workshop

degree and internships in companies

When you finish the course, you will obtain the  official qualification  from the Higher School of Hospitality of Seville, verified by the  University of San Jorge .

In addition, you will have  guaranteed internships in companies , to develop the skills learned.

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