Advanced Pattern Course

Advanced Pattern Course

description: Advanced Pattern Course

The Pattern and Fashion Course is designed for those who want to complement their training in fashion and clothing and take a step further in their career. This is the advanced course, with which you can perfect your knowledge and access high-level or responsible positions in the world of fashion.

course objectives: Advanced Pattern Course

By the end of this course, you will have learned to:

  • Create all kinds of designs with the most complex pattern making techniques, including coats, pants, jackets, jackets and children’s and adult fashion
  • Create your own patterns from flat drawings and sketches
  • Know the pattern classification processes

accreditation and diploma: Advanced Pattern Course

At the end of this course, you will receive your official degree, a degree from the University of San Jorge that will allow you to access the job you intend to get.

teaching materials: Advanced Pattern Course

This course has materials specifically created by professionals in the sector . You can also study at your own pace thanks to the Virtual Campus, where you will find the content and tools you need to complete the course.

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course contents

1 \ Agenda

  1. Women’s tailored jacket
  2. Women’s trench coat and cape
  3. Women’s trench coat and cape
  4. Bustier with cups, corset and bikini
  5. Knight
  6. Gentleman’s pants
  7. American
  8. Formal waistcoat and morning suit
  9. Boy and girl
  10. Modifications of the base patterns for children I
  11. Modifications of the base patterns for children II

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