Pattern Making Course (Higher Course)

Pattern Making Course (Higher Course)


Get to know in depth the profession of textile pattern maker with this  Superior Online Pattern Making Course , training at your own pace and with the support of prestigious teachers.

With this training you will learn the most essential and the most complicated techniques of creating patterns for all types of garments , and you will be trained in a profession with great demand in the labor market.

objectives of this course

With this course you will learn the profession of textile pattern maker , knowing not only the fundamental tools but also the most essential and complex processes and techniques to rectify, fix and make all kinds of garments.

You will know all the steps to create and cut all kinds of patterns and you will make your own models and collections of garments with the ease that will give you having become a professional pattern maker .


professional outings

This higher course prepares you to develop your professional career working as a textile pattern maker , making patterns for garments for men, women or youth , but also to work as:

  • Fashion workshop pattern maker
  • Fashion, seasonal and / or custom pattern maker
  • Arrangement professional


San Jorge University degree

Once the evaluation process has been passed, you will receive the  title of Superior in Pattern , awarded by  Universidad San Jorge , in which the contents and study credits are indicated, in this case  18 ECTS credits .

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