Change the dimensions of a photo

Change the dimensions of a photo

When you take a photo, you choose a certain frame. At the time of editing, you will not be able to take more than what you have taken. For example, if you have decided to only remove a person’s feet, you will not be able to have their entire body. Sure, the camera is not a magic wand and the image processing will not make you see what you have not photographed .

However, you can decide to crop the existing photo while keeping only part of the image. Very useful in case of a bad framing with a poster or the arm of a person that you did not want to appear in the photo. To do this, you have several possibilities available:

  • On Mac, with the Aperture tool , you just have to select the part you want to keep. A frame will appear. Then click on the “tool” tab and then “crop”.
  • You can also use Word to crop any image by clicking “image size” and then “crop.” Click “crop” again, then right-click and hit “save image.”
  • In Photoshop , simply click on the “Crop” tool, select the area to continue using the marks, and click “Enter.”

If you don’t have any of these softwares and you don’t have a Mac, you can always crop any image online using a tool searching the internet for “crop an image.”

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