How to modify the size, weight and dimension of a photograph?

How to modify the size, weight and dimension of a photograph?

Resize images.
Faced with an image that is too large or a photo that is too heavy, don’t give up, you just have to know how to edit a photo!

Among the most popular settings in photography, size and weight are items that we constantly seek to change. Sometimes we are unable to send an email because it is too large due to the weight of a certain image; Also times when we can’t insert certain images into a familiar slide show because they won’t fit.

In these cases, what is the solution? Just modify the photo to suit your wants and needs. When we talk about online photo editing, there are many techniques and software programs.

Resize an image: How to modify the size, weight and dimension of a photograph?

To resize a photo, editing software seems to be the best solution. Photoshop is a platform that we all know, considered the best software, and it is very successful in this purpose, when we try to make an image smaller or larger.

By changing the number of pixels , always taking care to ” keep the proportions “, the photo will be the correct size.

The same happens with Lightroom, which, thanks to a high resolution and advanced parameters, will allow us to obtain a very satisfactory result. Of course, as we are not in a perfect world, just like Photoshop cc, this media is not free software .

Despite this, you have a free photo editing program that will allow you to change the dimensions of any photograph: the Internet! On the Internet, we find different pages that allow you to upload a photo and select the desired height and width.

It may not offer us all the advantages of a photo editing program, but it has the great advantage of not costing a euro , not bad, right?

If you have a Mac, resizing an image is done directly with the Aperture software, clicking on the “tool” option and “resizing.”

Change the weight of a file

Since size is not everything, the weight of a photo is also an aspect to consider. To be able to modify the weight, we have a very simple technique, and probably the best: compression . But surely you wonder what it consists of.

Compression is, as you might imagine, the action of compressing a file or folder (in zip format), so that it is lighter . On a computer, the steps are simple:

  • On Mac, simply right-click, select “compress,” and a new, clearer folder will appear next to it.
  • On Windows, head over to the Office suite, click “Format Image Tools,” then ” Compress Images ,” and voila!

In addition to these two solutions, there is also an online software that, when we upload our files, makes them lighter with just a few clicks . Therefore, changing the size and weight of a photo is not complicated and is very useful when sending photos by email.

Feel free to use WeTransfer also to transfer images that may be too heavy by mail. You can email up to 2GB at a time for free. How to modify the size, weight and dimension of a photograph?

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