Dance teacher: how to teach dance classes

Dance teacher: how to teach dance classes

Depending on where you teach your classes, it is expected that as a dance teacher you have a  number of qualities :

  • First, a proven experience in dance, or at least an irreproachable technical level;
  • Infallible teaching skills to adapt to your different students;
  • Great confidence in yourself, to set an example;
  • A great capacity for listening, because learning to dance is a physical exercise, but also a mental one;
  • Enthusiasm, positivity, and a desire to keep learning.

Give dance lessons is a fantastic experience! In fact, you have many  opportunities :

  • Group classes in a dance studio, in a school;
  • Individual classes in the evening;
  • Private classes during the day, at any time;
  • Dance classes for couples, for ballroom dancing, for example;
  • Online dance classes, to initiate the most motivated young people;
  • Being a personal trainer, to teach a couple to dance for example (very popular to prepare a wedding);
  • Dance workshops or intensive courses, to perfect a technique in a short time.
Types of dance classes
There are many class formats, but what matters is the happiness of your students!

The other advantage of teaching dance classes is that you will have different students, from adults, to children and adolescents, or even older people. In the context of associative projects, you could also have to work with different audiences: disabled people, young people not sensitized to sport … In short, the possibilities are limitless.

On the other hand, the types of classes  may vary according to your students:

  • Some will appreciate an introduction to original dances such as the very elegant Viennese waltz;
  • Others will simply seek out classical dance classes, their favorite type of dance;
  • Others will want to perfect their technique, so it will be necessary to adapt the content of the classes;
  • While others will want at all costs that you teach them to dance ballroom dancing (notice to future boyfriends).
  • And let’s not forget the Latin rhythms, which have become very popular in recent years.

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Do not hesitate to give private classes adapted to your audience and their wishes. Dance teacher: how to teach dance classes

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