Dance teacher: make your passion, your profession

Dance teacher: make your passion, your profession

“Dance is my passion.” This is what you should explain in the first test class or in your job interview.

It is an essential aspect: your passion determines your investment, projection or even versatility. Whether teaching traditional or original dances, or all the dances in the musical repertoire, you must know how to adapt and improvise.

You may have to teach different dance classes:

  • Salsa classes
  • Classical dance classes,
  • Tango classes,
  • Rock classes
  • Waltz classes,
  • Belly dance classes,
  • Hip-hop classes,
  • And many more.

And also, at  different levels , which will imply different expectations:

  • Beginner level (less than a year of practice),
  • Intermediate level (between 1 and 5 years of practice),
  • Good level (between 5 and 10 years of practice),
  • Excellent technical level (more than 10 years of practice).

However, if you teach independently, you have to know the dance categories , to adapt your offer to your potential students. Therefore, we find the dances:

  • Most wanted: classical dance, ballroom dancing, jazz, modern dance;
  • More technical: ballet, belly dance, Argentine tango;
  • More exotic: salsa, Latin dances, African dance, kizomba;
  • More modern: Zumba, modern jazz.
Tips for being a dance teacher
Specialize and become a unique dance teacher!

Expressing your passion through dance teaching  invites you to stand out from others with originality: if you have the opportunity to choose the program, the density or the format of the dance classes, offer unique moments to share. Dance is also a matter of feeling! That is why you can invest in long-term projects:

  • Awareness of the benefits of dance for associations,
  • Accompaniment of a couple to make the perfect wedding,
  • Help underprivileged children who want to learn to dance.

Finally, get creative and let your students express their passion by teaching them everything from the harmony of dance steps to the art of movement on stage. This can be done through:

  • The preparation of a collective dance show,
  • Organizing a party with the members of the school,
  • Of a dance, on the occasion of a particular event,
  • A dance festival for the inhabitants of the city.

At Superprof, we focus on our teachers’ desire to invest in their students – it is simply the key to success for all.

Becoming a dance teacher, you learn, but we all know that we teach how we dance, that is, with desire and passion. Don’t wait any longer to turn this passion into your full-time job! Y Dance teacher: make your passion, your profession

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