How can adults be educated academically?

How can adults be educated academically?

Once you have decided to resume your studies, you have to know where to look and what options you have.

The necessary material to study
Studying at a distance allows you to reconcile your personal life and studies.

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has defined it as «Adult training. Lifelong learning »to the possibility that people have to train throughout life , inside and outside the educational system, in order to acquire, complete, expand and update their knowledge, capacities, abilities, aptitudes and competencies.

In the public university there are places reserved for those over 25, which allows these people to continue to have access to a degree, master’s or doctorate. Likewise, there are specific access tests for adults .

In addition to academic training, we will have to present the work experience and professional path that we have carried out, as well as the reasons why we want to study again.

There are more options than going back to college to resume studies .

Whether it is compulsory education, higher studies or specific training, there are many entities, both public and private, that offer classes and courses for adults.

Likewise, online courses and mini-masters are also on the rise. If you’ve already been doing research on this topic, MOOCs ( massive open online course ) will sound familiar to you . These are online courses created and taught by renowned universities or colleges. These entities will issue you a certificate if you complete them correctly. It can be a way to start to get back into the habit of studying. On the other hand, we have the well-known UNED (National Distance Education University) thanks to which we can complete a university degree without face-to-face.

Likewise, there are many private centers that offer courses, but be careful, because many are excessively expensive for what they offer, both in terms of quality and quantity.

As we have mentioned, there is also the possibility of requesting a certificate of professionalism if we can demonstrate that we have knowledge and skills associated with a sector but we do not have studies with a diploma. In many jobs the salary is based on the level of studies; so the more the merrier. How can adults be educated academically?

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