Why go back to school when we are salaried?

Why go back to school when we are salaried?

Every year more people decide to resume their studies and train in new skills. You have to sink your elbows again, something that is not always easy. However, this experience has many benefits.

The reasons why a professional decides to go back to study can be very diverse.

Back to the classrooms
Ready to sit back in these chairs?

One of the reasons may be that the person is bored at work, a concept known by the English term bore-out . Getting bored in the office is the evil of more and more workers. Faced with this situation, some decide to take back the reins of their lives and train again to acquire new skills and be able to evolve in their professional careers .

Continuous training courses, short courses or mini-masters, distance university, improving computer skills, going to language school or an academy … any option is valid to improve your CV and find a job that enriches us more.

There are people who want to find or give more meaning to the professional activity they develop. Retraining is sometimes the only option to feel better at work. For this reason, some professionals start their studies in a new field and start training from scratch. Some private companies and public institutions offer training courses for free but, in general, if we want to study again, we will have to finance it ourselves.

There are also people who go back to studying simply for fun , because they like to study.

Are you passionate about history, computers or Italian? There are hundreds of courses and classes available for you to learn more about what you are passionate about. Perhaps you will get to take advantage of what you learn for pleasure in a professional way.

That you like studying is the best way to get the training you decide to do, even if decades have passed since you walked through the corridors of the institute.

Depending on the job and the entity that hires you, there is the possibility of requesting a few years of leave to train. This break also allows you to disconnect a bit from the professional journey carried out and take stock. Perhaps it is time to see everything that we have walked and if we want to continue on that path in the future. Going to a counselor is highly recommended. Why go back to school when we are salaried?

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