How did the art of photography begin?

How did the art of photography begin?

Knowing the history of photography is an essential step for any student of this discipline to understand how this art has developed over the centuries.

History of photography
The daguerreotype, illustrated by its inventor Louis Daguerre.

In the past, there was a little known machine today: the  camera obscura . This photographic material is comparable to our current darkroom. The photographer was hiding in a large box to take a snapshot of his model, posing outside.

However, this revolution was badly received by the neophytes of photography, to such an extent that its inventor, Giovanni Battista, was convicted of witchcraft.

It takes until the 19th century for the art of photography to finally catch on!

Nicéphore Nièpce, a French inventor, takes a photograph in 1825 in Gras, the oldest surviving photograph. Although the image is not clear, this snapshot marks a before and after in the history of photography.

Upon his death, his colleague and friend Louis Daguerre resumed his work developing the famous ” daguerreotype “, a photographic technique known to all photography students around the world. Finally, by managing to fix the image on the glass, Louis Daguerre makes photographic capture known throughout the world.

During the 20th century, photography appeared as a true means of communication.  Many famous photographers emerge at this time, immortalizing historical moments during the two world wars and giving birth to photojournalism.

Today, photography is, of course, within everyone’s reach, thanks to our cell phones and cameras. Why not dive into the history of photography to better understand our modern techniques?

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