Who are the best photographers in the world?

Who are the best photographers in the world?

Even if you have no background in photography, you have surely heard of one or more illustrious photographers from around the world .

Famous photographers
Steve McCurry’s “Afghan Girl” is one of the most famous photographs in the world.

Although the art of photography is relatively old, it is mostly in the 20th century that some  professional photographers  reveal themselves in the eyes of the general public. Thanks to magazines, art books and, more recently, blogs and other photography websites, it is much easier to  sell your photos  in our age.

Here is a short, non-exhaustive list of the best photographers in history:

  • Annie Leibovitz,
  • Richard Avedon,
  • Ansel Adams,
  • Robert Capa,
  • Steve McCurry,
  • David LaChapelle,
  • Helmut Newton,
  • Irving Penn,
  • Diane Arbus, etc.

Knowing the biography of the best photographers in the world can be a source of inspiration for photography students.

Most of the time, famous photographers around the world do not come from artistic families at all. The discovery of photography,  therefore, is by chance, and his admirable career shows that we are all capable of capturing the beauty of the world, even without having a solid artistic training.

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