How to prepare a professional coaching session?

How to prepare a professional coaching session?

At some point in our life, we have all said the following sentences, which constitute a barrier to change and encourage us to stay in our comfort zone and therefore to stagnate professionally: “I would like to change jobs but I have not studied enough to earn a good living ”,“ I want to change jobs but I don’t know what else to do ”or“ My colleagues make me nervous, they don’t have the ability to question themselves ”?

Improving the quality of life at work without leaving it, is it possible?

How to organize a coaching session
Next week, we will work on friendly communication!

Of course it is possible. Here are some tips for preparing a personal coaching and support plan .

During the first individual interview, what is known as an exploratory session is conducted. The mission of the personal coach is to identify the causes that motivated his client to turn to him: change jobs, better manage interpersonal communication, what profession to learn, change his management style, gain self-esteem, reduce his emotional load, manage stress with foreign investors, etc.

The coach will then have to  contribute a set of responses to his client’s question. You can develop a coaching plan, with the frequency of personalized coaching sessions, and use some tools (practical breathing exercises or muscle reinforcement, decision-making, etc.).

So, we go to the center of the training plan: at the beginning of each session, the professional coach will propose to face the situations that have arisen with the proposed techniques. Thus, the coach will see if the client can progress quickly or not.

To prepare a coaching session, the professional coach will use all the teaching materials at his disposal to find a set of practical exercises to help his client achieve the objectives established in the contract or the budget.

Any coaching teaching team knows that  the coach is only a tutor who allows the client to find the solution to their own problems on their own. That is why the techniques used in supervision are an aid, not a direction!

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