How to relax before a job interview?

How to relax before a job interview?

Not stressing out is ingredient # 1.

How to relax before a job interview
I thought I was scared of cats … The interviewers are even more ferocious!

It’s true, it’s easier said than done, but to  relax you before a job interview , we can give you several tips.

First step: imagine that the interviewer is a friend.

Why? To project a positive image of the latter and stress less. You should repeat your “play”, as if you were in front of the interviewer:

  • Body language: handshake, attitude (smile a little), standing straight, sitting on both legs with feet parallel on the floor at 90 °.
  • Presenting yourself: experiences, training, arguing about professional skills.
  • Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer.
  • List your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take care of your posture and your breathing.

To prepare well for the interview, you will have to get used to not speaking too quickly. Stress, during an oral presentation, mechanically increases the heart rate and the rate of speech.

In addition, an interview lasts half an hour, and sometimes even two or three hours! So before entering the interview room, feel free to do some nose breathing exercises to lower your heart rate.

The more you listen to your inner fears before the interview, the less you will know how to respond to destabilizing questions from your interviewer. This person will try to test your personality, not to catch you, but to see if you are capable of reacting to a stressful or overwhelming situation. The candidate must demonstrate temperance, learn to manage stress, and be ready to come up with solutions quickly.

The weak points can paradoxically serve to support your arguments, since recognizing a defect is a guarantee of sincerity and honesty.

For example: “I know I have little experience in team management, but I think I have the necessary skills for the position because I am familiar with product marketing and I can take care of a product in the whole chain: SEO of the website, management of pricing, customer service, inventory management … ».

Another important point: if, when you speak, you underestimate yourself (when you hear your inner voice telling you: “You are not going to make it, you are not cut out for the job, go home”) and rub your thighs with your hands, this will be perceived as a negative sign. The interviewer will see that your candidate is uncomfortable.

Body language is the mirror of good or bad self-confidence.

During the job interview, the interviewer will probably say “Tell me about yourself.” This is where you should detail your professional project and differentiate yourself from others with your experiences and extra-professional activities, through appropriate non-verbal communication.

To relax before a job interview, you can play sports, try to relativize and convince yourself that the interviewer needs you and not the other way around. How to relax before a job interview?

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