The strategy for having job interviews

The strategy for having job interviews

Before doing the interview, there is a lot of work to be done not only regarding you but also the description of the job you want to get.

The strategy for having job interviews
Be prepared to correctly answer the interviewer’s destabilizing questions.

Here are some hiring rules to overcome during the interview process.

If you have to prepare so much for job interviews, unfortunately it is because competition between candidates is stiff, an aspect that exacerbates high unemployment. As a result, the fewer requirements that are required to get the job, the more options the company will have in the candidate pool!

Given this fact,  the professional career is of crucial importance for everyone and in any sector of activity.

You must write a good cover letter, show your interest in the job, know the hiring practices, dress well for the interview, propose your salary expectations according to the company’s “market” and, above all, be original in your candidacies to stand out from the competition.

The strategies vary according to the sector of activity, but any search for originality must nevertheless correspond to the culture of the company in question.

Before preparing for an interview , you have to get an interview. Logical, right? To do this, you must follow several golden rules:

  • Do not send the same CV to all interviewers: the application must be personalized and a model CV will be discarded or thrown away.
  • In case of long periods of unemployment, opt for a thematic CV instead of a chronological one.
  • Prepare well for job interviews, even if they are for a temporary job: a temporary job can lead you to a more lasting one, later.
  • Have a positive attitude from the beginning to the end of the interview.
  • You must know how to justify the “stops” on your resume: do not change the dates of your previous professional experiences.

Many people do not receive any response from the company after having an interview with them.

Well, when you have an interview, it is often said that you have to show your motivation, which is still necessary even after you get the job. It is essential to continue to “seduce”, in some way, even after the interview.

Therefore, if you do not get a response, positive or negative, a second interview or an interview with the main managers and directors of the company, do not hesitate to contact the interviewer again.

This does not mean that all is lost, but that perhaps the interviewer has not had time or is still reflecting. This act will help to put your application back at the top of the list and again to stand out from other profiles.

It is advisable to wait two or three weeks before contacting an interviewer, to remind them of your determination and your motivation to work for the company. At this point, you can try to have a phone interview with the interviewers – a person who sets up an interview for the job in question becomes a good candidate. The strategy for having job interviews

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