How to take a good selfie

How to take a good selfie

Take good selfies
When taking a selfie takes anecdotal airs!

This is the archetype of the variety of forms that photography has taken, especially with  the emergence and development of social media . In fact, nowadays taking a photo of yourself is very simple , but it involves something more. It allows to  develop a relationship  with others and with oneself that, although it does not fundamentally change things, gradually modifies our daily life and the vision of our camera and the act of taking photos.

This predominant importance of this type of photography can lead us to wonder how to take a good selfie.  To answer this question, one must first of all  know himself  so that he can take full advantage of the framing, the depth of field, even the self-timer, and be able to take better self-portraits.

First, it is better to take  several photos , to be sure that we go well. Because yes, although we know each other well, we know that our right profile is better than the left, that this type of light suits us better, etc., it is better to make several attempts. Also, digital photography is  free , let’s take advantage!

In addition, the ultimate goal of a selfie is, most of the time, to  share it on social networks, to show ourselves to the world. Ideally, therefore, feel that you come out well enough to do it.

We must also  think about the  photographic material that the photography market increasingly makes available to us. Although we usually take selfies with a mobile, there are  many accessories  that can help us do it better:

  • The selfie stick ,
  • Photo editing and retouching programs,
  • Photographic lenses for mobiles,
  • Applications to have a better skin texture,
  • Etc.

Be that as it may, smiling and  adopting an open attitude  is still the best solution to take a good selfie , always keeping in mind what we want to do with that photo.

Whether you want to share it on social media, send it to your grandmother, or save it, intention and purpose are  key . Don’t forget that taking a selfie today is almost a technique!

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