How to use Aperture to retouch photos?

How to use Aperture to retouch photos?

Programs to edit photos
Apertura, like many image processing software, offers several very interesting functions.

Among the best programs, which have been tested since their inception, we find, of course, Aperture. A true Bible for beginners a few years ago, this photo editing software was created in 2004 by Apple, and it only works on Mac OS. Although it is very easy to use, it is gradually being replaced by Photos , Apple’s application.

Aperture is within the paid software , and it is really easy to use for those who have mastered the basics. Like any online photo editing platform, it takes time to get used to understanding and assimilating how a software package works. Don’t panic, we’re here for that!

Choosing Aperture to retouch photos means paying € 199 just once , unlike some programs like Photoshop that offer monthly subscriptions.

Once downloaded through the Apple platform , we can begin to classify our photos, directly connecting our device to the platform.

We give a name to the desired folder, we classify each photo with stars to better reference them, we complete the “legend”, “keywords” or “place” fields if necessary, we identify the faces if we wish and voila, we already have a gallery well-referenced and more uniform photos.

However, it is probably the edition that interests us the most. Aperture offers many features that make it very interesting in photo post-processing. Between contrast, white balance or collages, retouching has never been easier!

But what can Aperture do besides the basic tools it offers?

  • Identify faces to be able to order them more simply.
  • Detect and remove red eyes.
  • Zoom up to 1600%.
  • Switch to full screen mode.
  • Rotate a photo.
  • Export raw images.
  • Make contrasts or correct imperfections.
  • and much more…

In short, Aperture stands out as an essential software when it comes to photo editing, whose interface is materialized through colors . Simple, intuitive, effective!

  • The green frame symbolizes the toolbar.
  • The frame red develops three functions : photo library, metadata and editing.
  • The blue frame is used to view photos.

Thanks to these four basic programs, you will be ready to master the editing tools without problems. Remove an unsightly element, cut out a face, insert special effects in a studio photo, you will be almost a graphic designer!

What are you waiting for to take your first photography course ? How to use Aperture to retouch photos?

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